Battlefields, war-zones, and lecture theaters

Dr. Vera Mironova is a Russian-American academic, scholar, award-winning writer, producer, speaker, research fellow and policy consultant specializing in armed conflict.
She is often referred to as ‘The Frontline Scholar’ due to her experiences embedded with the Iraq Special Operations Forces (ISOF) as they recaptured the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS in 2016-2017, documented in her 2019 book From Freedom Fighters to Jihadists: Human Resources of Non State Armed Groups (Oxford University Press) | READ MORE

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15 June 2021 Dr. Mironova participated in panel on Future of Extremism Prevention organized by UNDP Oslo

9 June 2021 Dr. Mironova was quoted in the Wall Street Journal article “Refugee Camp for Families of Islamic State Fighters Nourishes Insurgency

15 May 2021 Dr. Mironova was quoted in the article “IS-netværk i Europa hjælper med at udsmugle fanger” (in Danish)

4 May 2021Dr. Mironova was quoted in the Liberation article En Syrie, le cimetière des enfants perdus du «califat»

31 March 15 June 2021 Dr. Mironova participated in panel on Media coverage of Terrorism and Deradicalization organized by AlJazeera Journalism Review

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I absolutely Love my job but schedule could be a little off. Yes, I could take vacations/day offs whenever I want, but before pandemic I was traveling like crazy (3-7 counties per month) and now it is working nights- an interview at midnight&a meeting at 6 am…I need more coffee.

Meeting between #Russian Ministry of Justice and Bashar Assad about repatriation of those sentenced in both counties. I guess #ISIS members sentenced by #Damascus are going to serve their sentence home.

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