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Dr. Vera Mironova is a Russian-American academic, scholar, award-winning writer, producer, speaker, research fellow and policy consultant specializing in armed conflict.
She is often referred to as ‘The Frontline Scholar’ due to her experiences embedded with the Iraq Special Operations Forces (ISOF) as they recaptured the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS in 2016-2017, documented in her 2019 book From Freedom Fighters to Jihadists: Human Resources of Non State Armed Groups (Oxford University Press) | READ MORE

Latest News

28 October 2021 Dr. Mironova participated in a roundtable Status of ISIS in Syria Today organized by Atlantic Council

23 September 2021 Dr. Mironova was quoted in the WOZ article “Wohin mit den Frauen des IS?”

5 September 2021 Dr. Mironova published an article “Revealed: life inside ‘global villages’ of Islamic State jihadis in Afghanistan” in Guardian

3 September 2021 Dr. Mironova took part in the France 24 talkshow on Afghanistan

3 August 2021 Dr. Mironova published at article Impunity for Repatriated Islamic State Members in Lawfare

Latest Tweets

Ok, I get that #ISIS lobby groups only care about #Alhol…but it is the only “snow” tweet from #ICRC MENA director. I would expect Red Cross MENA director to be more interested in conditions of #ISIS victims and locals in Middle East in general instead of foreign #ISIS members.

Fabrizio Carboni@FCarboniICRC

Another stark example of the hardship many children and women continue to face daily at the Al Hol camp 2

8 years in tents thanks to #ISIS and western media is still busy being sorry for #ISIS foreign members who are in a much better camp #Alhol for 3 years.And I am still waiting for #ISIS western lobby groups to at least mention conditions in camps for #ISIS victims in #Iraq #Syria

Ruba Ali Al-Hassani@RubaAlHassani

Latest hashtag from Iraq demands assistance for IDPs who are in tents for an 8th year in the snow and cold.

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