Battlefields, war-zones, and lecture theaters

Dr. Vera Mironova is a Russian-American academic, scholar, award-winning writer, producer, speaker, research fellow and policy consultant specializing in armed conflict.
She is often referred to as ‘The Frontline Scholar’ due to her experiences embedded with the Iraq Special Operations Forces (ISOF) as they recaptured the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS in 2016-2017, documented in her 2019 book From Freedom Fighters to Jihadists: Human Resources of Non State Armed Groups (Oxford University Press) | READ MORE

Latest News

16 December 2020 Dr. Mironova gave an interview to Alaan TV about Foreign Fighters in Afghanistan

16 December 2020 Dr. Mironova research on Rule of Law in Iraq was quoted by Al Hadath TV (Iraq)

10 December 2020 Dr. Mironova gave an interview to Rudaw TV about Rule of Law in Iraq

30 November 2020 Dr. Mironova was quoted in Independent article “Cryptocurrency and the crumbling caliphate

29 November 2020 Dr. Mironova was quoted in a Daily Mail article “The shadowy Islamic State cell looking to free Western jihadi brides

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#alhol is a fascinating world: I love how some #ISIS folks like to remind each other that although their relatives send them money they are still kafirs (should be killed)&get pissed at westerners who portray them as innocent because they think they are true fighters for religion

Finally some #ISIS supporters doing fundraising for #Alhol camp realized that they are being scammed and are now calling other fundraising groups to compare lists of whom they are helping (get smuggled out) because same women have many kunyas/numbers and get all the money.

Four years ago, when #Trump won elections I was so disappointed that I sold my apartment in DC and permanently moved to Cambridge. Yesterday I was looking at real estate in DC again. I am very excited for the next 4 years !

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