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Dr. Vera Mironova is a Russian-American academic, scholar, award-winning writer, producer, speaker, research fellow and policy consultant specializing in armed conflict.
She is often referred to as ‘The Frontline Scholar’ due to her experiences embedded with the Iraq Special Operations Forces (ISOF) as they recaptured the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS in 2016-2017, documented in her 2019 book From Freedom Fighters to Jihadists: Human Resources of Non State Armed Groups (Oxford University Press) | READ MORE

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7 August 2020, Dr. Mironova was quoted in the The Sunday Times article “Irish Family Missing in ISIS-held Iraq.”

4 August 2020 Dr. Mironova was quoted in the Voice of America article “Recent Turkish Infiltration Raises Security Concerns at Syrian Camp”

29 July 2020 Dr. Mironova was quoted in Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten

28 July 2020 Dr. Mironova participated in Lawfare Podcast “What to Do With Detained Islamic State Fighters in Iraq and Syria

24 July 2020 Dr. Mironova published a Lawfare report “Iraq’s Broken Justice System for Islamic State Fighters”

18 July 2020 Dr. Mironova was quoted in AlMonitor article “Turkey helps Moldovan family escape Islamic State camp in Syria

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Burnout is a thing in academia so after finishing my 2d book &papers (11 out/8 under review)in 3 post PhD years, I plan to take this year easier.Finally have time to enjoy nature, slowly write 3d book (have 1st draft done) and public press articles/investigations. Life is good 🙂

New photos of #Baghdad prison where #ISIS foreign women are housed. There are 557 women, 40 women per cell (some are with kids).

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